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Komax systems, inc. is a static mixing and static mixer systems engineering company, Static mixers applications include liquids, gases, slurries, and particulates in both laminar and turbulent flow conditions.


Founded in 1973 and now with over 300 years of collective experience Komax Systems, Inc is the standard in providing static mixing solutions.  The Komax Triple Action Static Mixer provides the highest level of mixing of any static mixer; visit our website at www.komax.com and see what Komax has to offer you.


Static Mixers




Static Mixing uses static or non-moving elements, sometimes referred to as “mixing elements”, configured in pipelines to efficiently combine two fluid substances.  In general Static Mixers combine flow division with radial mixing to achieve a mixed output.


Komax Triple Action Static Mixers


The patented Komax Triple Action Static mixer includes 3 distinct types of static mixing including two by two division, cross current mixing, and counter-rotating vortices & back-mixing.  Twenty of our Triple Action Static mixing elements produce over a million divisions and re-combinations during the two by two division mixing stage alone.  The Komax Triple Action Mixer provides the highest level of mixing of any static mixer. These "In Stock" static mixers feature very high mixing efficiency with short mixing length. The Komax motionless mixer achieves high efficiency through triple action mixing.




Worldwide our clients use the Komax patented Triple Action Static Mixers in applications ranging from Catalyst Mixing in the Bio Fuel industry to Polymer Dilution in Municipal and Waste Water treatment plants.  Our Teflon Lined Static Mixer allows acid mixing and addition while our patented Hi-Pass Static Mixer provides the necessary allowance for sludge mixing.  Whether your company resides in the Food & Beverage Industry or Pulp Manufacturing Komax can provide the right static mixer solution.



Static Mixers are a Green Solution for Mixing

Komax patented Static Mixers contain no moving parts require no maintenance and no energy.  Static mixers use non-moving (static) elements which continually mix the liquid as it flows through the pipe.  Traditional non-static mixers typically require an electric motor, rotating blades, and constant maintenance.  Komax static mixers eliminate energy and maintenance expenses while providing an exceptionally long mixing life.  Our Triple Action Mixers combine these savings with low price and installation costs so that ROI on your mixing solution can be realized in weeks.  To view your potential energy savings please visit our Environmentalism web page at http://komax.com/Environmentalism.html.



Over the past 37 years we have continuously exceeded our clients’ static mixing requirements and expectations.  Komax Systems, Inc has over 300 years of collective experience and has over one hundred thousand static mixing application installations worldwide.  Komax patented Static Mixers provide lower equipment cost, lower installation cost, lower energy requirement, zero maintenance and a long life (25 years +) so why wait?  Call Komax today to learn how our Triple Action Static Mixer can solve your mixing problem.

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